Principle Members:

Mr. Harmail Basi P.Eng, PMP,
Mr. Charry Rakhra, P.Eng, Project Manager
Dr. Tahir Rashid, Ph.D. Environmental Soil Scientist

Here are some of our past projects:

Phase I

Phase 1 audit was conducted at commercial site in Southern Ontario. Audit included an assessment of the entire property including buildings, storage areas, USTs, ASTs, etc. Environmental management systems, including waste management practices, were reviewed and documented as per federal guidelines. Audits included an assessment of the presence of asbestos, PCB, and lead containing materials. Applicable municipal/provincial/federal environmental legislation were used to assess compliance.

Phase I and II

ESA Phase I and II conducted on 200 acres of agricultural land. The studies were based on several factors including the historical use of property, all database records, PCB / Asbestos presence, evaluation of USTs, ASTs and soil samples across the site. Audits were done on the buildings present on the site including fuel storage and waste flow for compliance with federal, provincial and municipal regulations.

ESA Phase I and II conducted on multi-level professional building, in Barrie, ON. Environmental assessment was part of the sale and purchase of the property. Due to the multi-faceted use of the building since its establishments, assessment involved interdisciplinary analytical techniques


Phase I, II, III and remediation of retail Gas Station that involved in-situ remediation techniques involving chemical injection, bio remediation, contaminated soil treatment and over time ground water monitoring.

Limited phase II, full Phase III and remediation of multilevel residential and office building in down-town location. Project included settling MOE concerns on a report prepared by third party.